Year One

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In the hub-bub of last minute gift knitting, planning a 50th surprise party, typing up the loose ends of a long over-due knit pattern and organizing the last leg of a wedding (did I mention I was getting married?) the one year blogoversary of my second go at it came and went without as much as a tip of the hat!

So, here’s to one year full of knitting, designing, and dreaming. I look forward to many more : )

And now that several of the major projects in my life have been tackled, I get to share a little of what’s been going on behind the scenes. Here is a little sneak peek of a pattern of mine that was just [reluctantly] dropped off at my LYS.

Lately, I’ve developed this horrible separation anxiety with the products of my knitting, which I can foresee being a hindrance in the designing process. Like a momma bird anxiously sending her babies out into the world I sit…chewing my nails down knowing that my precious knitted item is floating around somewhere being folded by whomever. Yeah, I’m a bit melodramatic, but I really liked those mittens : (. I’ll just keep reminding myself that I can always knit another pair.

I’ll post about it officially when they are all set and published, so stay tuned!

Oooh…and look at what I found in the mail box the other day. It’s quite enough to make one just squeal with delight…and you know I did : ).

And now I’ve got all those glorious colors  dancing around in my head…and I see many many mittens in my future, and maybe the future of some of my relatives, haha. I’m still swatching away with the Osprey that I bought a bit ago, and haven’t committed to anything quite yet. It’s so soft and squishy that I’m tempted to just knit a basic infinity cowl in stockinette. Sometimes a yarn is just beautiful in it’s own right and doesn’t need to be fussy. We’ll see. For now, go over and check out Mandy at the Zig Zag Stitch. I am in love with her self-published set of patterns in The Red Collection. I share her obsession with gratuitous bobbles and really want this hat. Don’t those bobbles look juicy enough to eat?!

So what stitches tickle your fancy?



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Because of mail restrictions at my apartment, I have packages sent to my parent’s home address so I don’t run the risk of sticky fingers wandering away with my yarn. Really, I’m not too sure that the general public (at least in my building, anyhow) would give a hoot about a bag of plump, downright swoonable yarn, but you never know. With these things, I don’t take chances : )

So, I had to wait 5 whole days before picking up my little package. 4 days to build the anticipation to just overflowing, and then an extra day to completely forget so that when my mom tossed the bag at me, I nearly jumped out of my seat with excitement. Actually, I think I did ; ).

The presentation alone  gave me the urge to just lovingly tuck this away on to a shelf and put it on display, but then I squeezed it. For 100% untreated wool, Osprey is remarkably soft. I’ve read in review that some liken it to Cascade 200. I would beg to differ and feel that it’s more along the lines of the softness you’d achieve with an alapaca or cashmere blend.

So, now the ideas are flying. And even thought I swore I wouldn’t knit another, I’m pretty sure I just heard it begging to be knit into a  gorgeous, drapey cowl : )

Gifts from Across the Pond

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A bit before the holiday season, I met Jane, a wonderful blogger who chronicles her life in London. After several emails back and forth, we decided to hold a little international yarn swap! Last week, I arrived home and look what was waiting for me at my work desk…

box of goodies

I am tickled pink by her yarn choices. Not too much of a traveler, I am rather stuck choosing amongst the wares of my local yarn shops…and never before have I seen such lovely skeins as these! This experience has definitely piqued my interest in ‘foreign’ yarns and I’ll be eagerly researching different mail-order stores for my future purchases.

wenslydale long wool

corriedale and black welsh mountain wool

The brown and cream-colored yarn are Wensleydale Longwool from the Sheep Shop in Yorkshire, and the crisp teal yarn is Organic Corriedale & Black Welsh Mountain wool from Blacker Designs. My mind is reeling with ideas of what I’ll use them for. I’m a little preoccupied with designing mittens currently, and have an idea for the Corriedale, but I’m still looking for the perfect pattern for the Wensleydale. Perhaps stranding…or stripes!

So of course after I cracked open the box and gasped at the lovely assortment of yarn, I gathered them up and took a big sniff. Rather than smelling like sheep, as I would have expected, they smelled faintly of Earl Grey Tea. These are British yarns, you know : ) But really, haha, they shared a box with some chocolate goodies as well which included a bar of organic dark chocolate infused with Earl Grey, and a chocolate cube on a stick that you swirl in warm milk to make hot cocoa! Oh, and let’s not forget a set of adorable ceramic buttons.

So excited!

Thank you so much, Jane! I look forward to future swaps : )

a yarn to build a dream on

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Last week I took a little trip to my LYS and finally dropped off my secret knitting. As a fledgling designer, there is absolutely no better feeling in the world than when someone (or several someones!) gushes over something that you’ve designed and knit, painstakingly, with your heart woven into each and every stitch. Even the horrendous dental work I had done that day was no match for the smile I wore from ear to ear all afternoon. Hmm, makes me wonder if yarn love is key in reversing the many years of negative memories associated with the dentist. Future experimentation needed : )

As soon as the pattern is tech-edited and available in-store/online…I will link and share my own personal photoshoot. Until then, it will have to remain a secret!

Also, despite my personal reserve before I even entered the store that I wouldn’t take new yarn for another pattern until I had finished what was going on at home, I left with this:

ivy brambles stash

The entire color-range of Ivy Brambles hand-dyed 2-ply Shetland for my personal designing pleasure. Stranded mittens, anyone?

I am treading on dangerous territory here…oh, and I could easily get used to this : )

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