On the Bright Side

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Back in July, I mentioned having had sent in a submission to Knitty for the deep fall issue, going live October 2010. That was a whole 3 months ago….eek. Sure, I haven’t mentioned it at all, but I was secretly sweating this one big time.

Unfortunately, the good people over at Knitty did not choose my pattern this go-around. So sad : (. But, Amy Singer did respond with a very nice email complimenting my style and explaining that there were just too many submissions sent in, and they couldn’t publish them all. It’s a bummer, but I understand. After all, it is the fall issue, which I can imagine, is one of the most popular for submissions. Perhaps I’ll have better luck next time.

On the bright side of things, this means I get to publish the pattern myself, under my name, and not have to wait! I am however going to rework the written part of it before it’s release, but it shouldn’t take long so check back soon. In the mean time, here are some of the other shot’s from the photo-shoot.


A Knitter’s Resolution

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Happy 2010!!!

It’s the start of a brand new year here at emily elizabeth knits and, like many people, I always seem to associate the new year with new beginnings. So, in the spirit of starting fresh, I’m going to establish a few knitting resolutions for myself and hope, er, work really hard, to keep them!

1. Knit an adult sized sweater
2. Take advantage of swatching
3. Finish my two crocheted afghans
4. Experiment with new textures
5. Have one of my patterns published in Knitty

I suppose the last one is hinged more on whether or not the good people over at knitty.com like my knitting, although I still need to put forth the effort by coming up with some clever ideas!

Going back in time a moment, 2009 was a really eventful year for me both personally and professionally. Most notably, it was when I returned to my knitting and blogging after quite a long hiatus, realizing just how much I had missed indulging my creativity. It was also when I decided to take my knitting more seriously by working on and developing a broader skill set and more refined techniques. I hope to carry these sentiments along with me in 2010 as well.

And now for a little Christmas knitting swag:

*Photos courtesy Knitpicks.com

I wish you and yours a happy and healthy new year!

Happy Knitting 🙂

2009 Retrospective

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2009 Crunch

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Because I can’t let the year escape me without knitting something to keep my head warm…that, or imposing on myself some last-minute-gift-knitting of course : ).

Turn a Square

Turn a Square 2

Pattern | Turn-a-Square Hat by Jared Flood
Needles | US5 Circulars and DPNs
Yarn | assortment of cascade 220, patons wool, and knitpicks swish superwash

I’ve had this pattern on my mind for a while now and thought it would be a wonderfully-quick little weekend knit. Two days, three caps, and one very warm head later, I’ve decided it’s my favorite cap pattern–hands down! I absolutely love the structure of the raglan decreases, and after a quick steam, the stitches plumped-up and look full and very orderly. (Is it silly that I get so giddy about a row of perfectly angled double decreases? Ha ha)

stash yarn : )

Better yet, I used stash yarn to knit all three caps (!)

Not shown is another knit in a rich midnight plum and teal-blue colorway, however, that one is wrapped and sitting under my tree. And speaking of tree…I just couldn’t help myself : )

Bitty Acorn

Pattern | Tiny Acorn by Pamerla Wynne
Needles | US2.5 mm
Yarn | bits of stashed cascade 200

Happy Holidays!

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