Douglas: Published!

November 17, 2010 at 7:25 pm | Posted in 2010, Finished, Knitting, Original Designs, stranding | 6 Comments

I really thought that once the wedding planning and festivities were over that I would have all the free time in the world to knit, blog and/or publish everything that has been piling up these last several months. I’m finding it to be the complete opposite, and now I have even less time than ever…and I’m sure it will only be compounded by the holiday season soon enough, so I’m going to get myself in gear and tie up these loose ends once and for all.

I had intended to post the twin’s in their sweaters first, but thanks to my brand new, sparkly clean, and eerily fast new iMac, (squee!) I was able to finish this pattern last night and couldn’t wait to share.

Douglas is finally written, photographed, charted and uploaded to Ravelry : ).

Douglas is a Norwegian style stranded mitten pattern with a little New England flair. These mittens are knit super quick in Cascade 220, or any other worsted weight yarn, and are lined with Misti Alpaca Lace. Douglas were originally submitted to Knitty…but due to an overwhelming submission count…were graciously sent back to me, with the self publishing rights intact (yay!).

Like the Candy Corn Mittens, these can be knit on DPNs, a pair of circulars, or the magic loop as I prefer. They are worked completely in the round from the picot-turned cuff to the pointy-tip. They work up to be super warm with the alpaca lining, however, if you’d prefer to forego the lining, drop down a needle size to tighten the gauge and the mitts will fit as snug as a bug!

Douglas is Raveled here and is available for $5 USD by clicking the button below.

<img src=”” border=”0″/>

I can’t wait to see your take on it : )



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  1. WOW!! Beautiful mittens Em – those trees are adorable, I can’t wait to have my own pair of these. I just bought the pattern and i’m going to cast on today. It’s so cold here, I need ’em. (Okay, probably not compared to your standard of winter, but by my standards I’m veritably frostbitten!). Thanks and congratulations on more incredible work, mitten queen! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I’m so excited 🙂 What colors have you chosen??!

      • Yay! I’m going to have to swatch i think but if i can get gauge, hopefully Berroco ultra alpaca light in pea soup green, and winter white, but I’m thinking maybe the gauge won’t be quite right. Hmm! In which case, maybe some rowan tweed dk – I have enough in a perfect shade of red (not too bright, but still a true red) and off-white which would be beautiful too I think.
        I even have Misti Alpaca Lace to line with, it’s a lovely autumnal yellow which would go with either potential colourway, and I’m so happy to find a home for some of it because I bought it ages ago and it’s been giving me the evil eye ever since.

  2. Love the pattern on your mittens. The use of alpaca lace as a liner is brilliant. =:8

  3. I love your mitts ~ awesome design 🙂

  4. I love these! A man asked me for warm mittens and I wanted to find something for men and that is not that easy! These are exactly what I was looking for! I think it’s good that you self publish them!!!

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