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Do you remember a little peek of these mittens from way back in June?? Well, I do…and they’ve been burning a hole in the back of my brain.

It’s been a while since I finished these, but I can remember sitting there, knitting away at a summer cook-out, burger in one hand, mittens in the other, all the while dodging the disapproving glances from a particular friend of mine who continues to have a hard time wrapping her head around the concept of “welcoming fall”, even despite being a (newbie) knitter herself. She has much to learn : ) (e.g., bring mittens to a barbeque, not an aghan!).

Me, I would be content to dwell in the fall year round, in some magical place somewhere where crisp mornings melt into warm afternoons by the autumn sun, and cool nights dew the fallen leaves that sweetly perfume the day’s air. Where twigs crackle beneath your feet and there is always the scent of something warm and spicy in the oven, and something soft and woolen on the needles.

Ah : )

But, now to the real world where there are only about 3 more weeks to go until the trees are bare, daylight is but a mere memory and I will have to pile on the hand knits in horrendous combinations to stay warm. Heh! So, I’m going to savor these moments of autumn and enjoy my fall knitting before it turns to winter. On that note…now that I’ve finally had a chance to revisit this pattern, I’ve realized I forgot to chart the thumbs as I went along. So, I’m going to work-up another pair to refresh my memory. While I was knitting the first pair, I kept thinking to myself how lovely they’d look in berry colors, so I’m using a juicy and vibrant palette for this second pair, which offers a nice contrast to the neutral shades in the first pair. Don’t you just love knits that look equally well in all sorts of color combinations!

Of course since I first began version 2.0, I’ve been interrupted 2 dozen times (and I still have Douglas, which I promised to deliver shortly), but my hope is to have these finished and available within the next 2 weeks.  Hmm. Though,  lately my ability to perform by deadline has been laughable, but we’ll see.

Until then!



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  1. LOVE those mittens. Really, really, really.

  2. These mittens are gorgeous!!

  3. Beautiful looking! And sounds a lot like my designing “process”, heh.

  4. You are on a roll! They’re beautiful. And your land of permanent autumn weather sounds like heaven- I’m there with you. I’ll bring the tea.

  5. Those are fantastic!!! It looks as if leafy mittens are all the rage this autumn 🙂

  6. ok, that smiley is really freaky looking. I would like to retract the smiley and substitute an exclamation point.

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