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July 19, 2010 at 6:01 pm | Posted in 2010, Knitting, Sweaters | 1 Comment

I was well aware of the miles upon miles of stockinette that I was in for when I began this (knit flat, no less!) so I’ll spare you the complaints of one sore thumb and just let you oogle at some progress shots : )

I managed to lose a stitch in there somewhere between the ribbing and my last set of waist-shaping decreases…and I’m more inclined to say that I decreased twice in a row at some point, as opposed to dropping it altogether. So, I plan to skip the next prescribed decrease in that area to remedy it. You can’t see it from where you’re sitting, but I’m trying hard to suppress the perfectionist in me for the sake of all the lunch breaks lost if I went ahead and tore it all out!

Off topic…in case you haven’t heard, Quince & Co. launched just over a week ago! Check it out if you haven’t. I learned about Pam Allen and Carrie Bostick Hoge’s new creative endeavor (to provide American raised, shorn , and spun yarns in several quality weights in gorgeous colors, at an affordable price!) a bit over a month ago through the knit-blog grapevine, and I’ve waited very eagerly for it’s debut. My first order should arrive soon!

Lastly, my twin nephews are about to turn a year-old next month and because they live all the way out in Spokane, WA, I thought, what better than hand-made sweaters from Auntie? I had hemmed and hawed with different pattern’s I found on Ravelry, and whether or not I just wanted to crunch the numbers and make my own…but then I was reminded of Budgie on Elinor’s blog who plans to knit one herself. How fabulous! I adore Grumperina’s attention to fine detail and technique, so this should be an engaging knit. I plan to pick up some yarn and get started strait-away!


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  1. Budgie is so sweet – and I don’t think there could possibly be anything much better than a hand-made sweater from you..or, indeed, two hand-made sweaters. Twins in hand-knits, eee!
    Redhook is looking beautiful. Knit on, knit on!

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