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July 10, 2010 at 9:42 am | Posted in 2010 | 3 Comments

These days, I feel that in the amount of time it takes for me to blink, time passes by before I can make good use of it. And with the year already being a smidgeon past half over, now’s a good a time as any to check in on those resolutions I made for myself back in January.

1. Knit an adult sized sweater:
The absence of any adult sized sweaters in my repertoire has little to do with an inability to dedicate myself, or lack of skill. Rather, and up to this point, anyway, I’ve simply enjoyed smaller canvases on which to experiment and work out interesting techniques, shaping, and colorwork. There’s no shame. All us knitters have our niches, no?

Regardless…due largely in part to a rather generous sale at a LYS (who had marked down their entire line of Moorland to 45% off regular price!) I have begun Jared Flood’s RedHook. I have adored this design since it first popped up a year ago, and I am hoping that this will be the first in several sweaters that will flesh out my fall wardrobe.

More on this project to come!

2. Take advantage of swatching:

When I knit from a pattern, I find myself having to drop down 2, sometimes 3 needles sizes to obtain gauge that other knitters would easily achieve on much larger needles. In other words, I am a very loose knitter. Therefore, swatching is crucial to me, and as of late has become a real treat. In-an-of-itself, swatching is a perfect project; quick, a great way to work out kinks in a pattern before you commit to the meat of your project, and best of all, completely portable!

3. Finish crocheted afghans.
Um, check back in December.

4. Experiment with texture!

5. Have a pattern published in Knitty.
The last 6 months have been an exciting time for me creatively, full of designing and self publishing a handful of simple patterns via ravelry, as well as one through my LYS. A few others are waiting to be completed, as well as numerous others that have made their way to my sketchpad. And, I do happen to have a recent submission to Knitty : ). Now, I sit back and eagerly await a response!

Four out of five isn’t so bad!

How are you faring with your resolutions?



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  1. i was afraid you were going to ask that at the end of your post. i checked in on mine recently and i’ve got some work to do if i want to even touch on one of the three…you’ve inspired me though…things are looking good on eeknits. congratulations to all of it…funny, when i knit a swatch mine are always off becuase i knit TOO tightly…can’t help myself.

  2. Haha, well, the upside of being SO disorganised I didn’t get around to making any resolution is that my being so disorganised I wouldn’t have kept them anyway doesn’t actually matter!

    Redhook is looking lovely – such a great pattern, I love it too. I’m knitting a cardigan at the moment too – my first adult garment also! I’ve almost finished the back. I should imagine this is what it feels like when you reach the halfway point on your way up Everest. Kind of. Sort of.

    Love all the colour and texture here. Your photography skills – and your knitting skills, of course! – are incredible, and quite enviable! Such serenity in the pictures- you compose them so well. Did I already ask what sort of camera you have? 🙂

  3. […] in July, I mentioned having had sent in a submission to Knitty for the deep fall issue, going live October […]

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