the drawing board

June 16, 2010 at 7:10 pm | Posted in 2010, Galleries, Knitting | 3 Comments

When my rate of posting begins to wane, you can best believe that all matters of creative things are happening behind the scenes…

the drawing board

Thought despite my busy-ness, for the life of me I can’t seem to see one project from muse to fruition without meandering off somewhere into knitting never-never-land…that place where the creative type within tends to stumble upon from time to time…where one project leads to another, and alas! a variation on a theme. And in my case in particular, the next thing I know…mittens multiply like bunnies and a melange of finishing techniques are tacked to a wall next to a colorful assortment of swatches, all illustrating the simple yet very important concept of yarn dominance.


I anxiously await a free day that I might sit about and catch up with my knitting basket, and otherwise entertain my various whims, as I am itching to line a pair of already soft mittens with even softer Kid Silk Haze(!) and rework a patten for my LYS that just didn’t sing to me the way I wish it would have on the first go-around.

p.s. I also seek to create a doppelganger, if anyone is privy, so that she could work my 9-5 while I stay at home and knit : )



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  1. Such lovely cosy photos! Your pictures always make me want to curl up by the fire – quite something given that it’s 25 degrees here (almost tropical, for London), heh. Bar harbor tea looks lovely – i spent a few days there a couple of summers ago and went biking in Acadia national park, so fun! I love reading about your creative process and seeing what you come up with – mittens sound highly exciting!
    PS you know, you could always knit yourself a doppelganger …

  2. Those mittens have stolen my heart already! I hope that you’ll be releasing that pattern.

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