Gifts from Across the Pond

May 27, 2010 at 10:22 am | Posted in 2010, Knitting, swaps, Yarn | 3 Comments

A bit before the holiday season, I met Jane, a wonderful blogger who chronicles her life in London. After several emails back and forth, we decided to hold a little international yarn swap! Last week, I arrived home and look what was waiting for me at my work desk…

box of goodies

I am tickled pink by her yarn choices. Not too much of a traveler, I am rather stuck choosing amongst the wares of my local yarn shops…and never before have I seen such lovely skeins as these! This experience has definitely piqued my interest in ‘foreign’ yarns and I’ll be eagerly researching different mail-order stores for my future purchases.

wenslydale long wool

corriedale and black welsh mountain wool

The brown and cream-colored yarn are Wensleydale Longwool from the Sheep Shop in Yorkshire, and the crisp teal yarn is Organic Corriedale & Black Welsh Mountain wool from Blacker Designs. My mind is reeling with ideas of what I’ll use them for. I’m a little preoccupied with designing mittens currently, and have an idea for the Corriedale, but I’m still looking for the perfect pattern for the Wensleydale. Perhaps stranding…or stripes!

So of course after I cracked open the box and gasped at the lovely assortment of yarn, I gathered them up and took a big sniff. Rather than smelling like sheep, as I would have expected, they smelled faintly of Earl Grey Tea. These are British yarns, you know : ) But really, haha, they shared a box with some chocolate goodies as well which included a bar of organic dark chocolate infused with Earl Grey, and a chocolate cube on a stick that you swirl in warm milk to make hot cocoa! Oh, and let’s not forget a set of adorable ceramic buttons.

So excited!

Thank you so much, Jane! I look forward to future swaps : )



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  1. Oh wow those are some beautiful colors! Love heathers, add such a nice depth.

  2. Yipppeeee for swaps – so glad you loved the stuff, i’m just getting around to blogging about it now – so slow, oops, you totally showed me up! So glad you enjoyed it as much as i did.

  3. […] – who designs lovely things too – look look – who had the ingenious idea of a swap some months ago as we were emailing. A few weeks ago now, a transatlantic shipment arrived filled […]

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