The journey of a thousand miles…

April 27, 2010 at 6:55 pm | Posted in 2010, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Knitting, Reclaimed Yarn | Leave a comment

…begins with a single step.


Inspired by Jared Flood’s rendition of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s pi- shawl, I set out with some of my own reclaimed yarn and a pair of trusty circulars and knit a stitch. Then another. Then another, and so forth! I managed to fly through the first 5 increases with ease and am currently on row 14 of the 576 stitch rounds where my ability to zip through this beast has begun its gradual and exponential retardation. I have used up only 1 575-yard puck of yarn, and with 3 more where that came from, I have plenty to go around and haven’t a worry that I won’t make it to the 7th increase. I may have to increase to a 32″ circular as it’s becoming cumbersome to keep pushing and pulling 576 stitches along a 24″ line of cord. I hope to delay that until the next increase round, however that is a whole 82 rows (and a little over 47 thousand stitches!) into the future. We’ll see how long my hands can have at it.

center close-up

Despite the ease of construction and simplicity of design, not an ounce of beauty is spared this shawl. More over, what keeps me most in awe is that what began as a man’s large sweater–most definitely machine knit, what, with all those perfect little knit stitches!–will soon become a blanket, lovingly knit to adorn my couch or bed…or more realistically…a gift to my cat of impeccable taste who believes all knits inevitably belong to her. I still need to decide on a border and finishing technique, but at the rate I’m going now, I’ll only be crossing that bridge sometime well into the next couple of weeks…and that’s not taking into account any other knits/projects I may get wrapped up in the meanwhile.

Until then, I’ll be kicking back and knitting rounds and rounds of stockinette while watching old episodes of LOST in anticipation of the series finale. Mindless knitting and re-runs are a perfect marriage : )


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