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April 13, 2010 at 6:51 pm | Posted in 2010, Knitting, Reclaimed Yarn | Leave a comment

Between the weather being as gorgeous as it was and the various errands I had planned, I wasn’t able to budget as much knitting into my weekend as I hoped, which is sad considering my “secret project” has been busy burning a hole clean through my knitting sack. I was able to spend a few hours on Sunday night deciding how I wanted to finish it, but of course that was ripped out, twice. I’m impatiently waiting for when I can have a mini-photo shoot before shipping it off to my LYS where it will live and where the pattern will then be available for purchase. (My impatience is partially influenced by my sheer excitement : ).

Despite not having much to share on the knitting front, I did acquire another thrift store find…a gorgeous Shetland wool sweater in charcoal grey.

charcoal shetland wool

I also spent some time harvesting the wool of another sweater from last week’s pile. (I’ve been wondering lately what I find pleasure in more, ripping these things out or knitting them!) I did have quite a bit of trouble deconstructing this one, though, as it was designed with a deep v-neck flanked by a thick, folded cowl-like neck bank that was seamed in what I believe was 5 different ways. To boot, the shoulder seams were serged with a machine and needed to be removed from the sleeves entirely, just above the bust area. I didn’t loose much yardage in the process, but I have quickly learned what to look for in a potential yarn-harvesting sweater, and what to steer clear from. Then again, I’d probably still purchase a heavily cabled, button-up raglan cardigan with serged seams and a humongous cowl if it meant that it would yield some fine exotic yarn that would otherwise eat-up my entire weeks allowance if I were to purchase it as a specialty store. It’s all about the cost vs. rewards, my friends : )

burgundy icelandic wool

So, after three very thorough soaks and a day of drying, I was able to sit and admire my five billowy hanks of 2-ply Icelandic wool in a deep burgundy. Gorgeous. I haven’t weighed it all yet, but I’m anticipating the total yardage to be somewhere between 800 and 1000.

I need to start thinking of how I’m going to put all these skeins to use. But for now, they look quite pretty just sitting on a shelf. Useful and decorative…the perfect utilitarian craft!


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