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Every once in a while I stumble across something just so delightfully irresistible that I find myself mildly obsessed, and today, the subject of my obsession is the Brioche stitch! And really, I’ve been knitting for long enough now to wonder how this technique has managed to evade me for so long.

Call me a product on the cyber-generation, but I generally do most of my research online and its not too often that I find myself buying knitting books for the heck of it unless its been hyped up for it’s use of technique, creative patterns or this-and-that. So after flipping through Nancy Marchant’s “Brioche” at Barnes while looking for something to spend my Christmas money on, and being taken with the patterns and all, and then reading Grumperina’s fanfare on how clear and comprehensive the book was, I gave into the urge and bought myself a copy. I had already gushed over her site, The Brioche Stitch, for a full week while making swatches upon swatches, so now the book acts as a compendium that fleshes out all her techniques with hundreds (or so it seems) of photos and descriptions of the many patterns and combination therein.

I love how thick and springy the brioche knits up, and I have gone batty coming up with all sorts of ideas of how I am going to employ this technique into the rest of my winter knitting. The fullness of the stitch combo makes it perfect for plush, warm accessories as well as thick woolly sweaters. But make no mistake about it, this stitch eats your yarn right up at almost double the rate of stockinette. As a matter of fact, I’m working up another design for a thick, hooded neck-warmer and about 200 yards of worsted yielded only a 4-inch cuff and two swatches. Yikes. The outcome will be well worth it though, true labor of love!, and I absolutely can’t wait to share the finished product. I’ve been a bit scatterbrained lately and haven’t had the opportunity to really dive into it, but I’m hoping to this week.

To be continued… : )

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